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How Famaway are you?

Famaway is an online hotel collection that is uniquely positioned to serve the growing family market. To engage with family travellers it is essential to provide what families need. Based on these needs, Famaway has created a set of principles that families respond to, that inform our selection of hotels and why they belong to the Famaway collection. Only those that meet our principles can proudly carry the Famaway seal of approval. Go ahead nominate.

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Famaway principles

‘family friendly’ hotels and resorts that embrace kids

Embrace kids

Each hotel on our list is unique, but they all have one thing in common: they embrace kids. These hotels are places where kids can be kids without fuss or formality.

family friendly hotels and resorts that has large or interconnecting rooms. rooms for families

Family comfort

Staying with more than one child requires ample space and comprehensive room facilities. Our hotels have passed the test and can provide all of the above.

family friendly hotels and resorts. menu and food for fussy eaters.

Fussy eaters

We know that kids are fussy when it comes to eating. Some are experimental, but most will demand simple, familiar foods. We select hotels that cater to every child’s palate- even the fussiest of eaters.

family friendly hotels and resorts. family fun

Family fun and facilities

Hotels are curated to suit every family need from pools, kids amenities, from bottle-warmers to buggies. Why not a playground, games room, a kids club or watersports or a welcome gift to babysitting, childcare, qualified staff for your peace of mind – list goes on.

family friendly hotels and resorts and great family destinations


Destination is key for a family vacation! Our hotels are all close to kid-friendly attractions, safe beaches, theme parks and museums.

family friendly hotels and resorts. mum and dad relaxing

And mum and dad

Yes you mum and dad, you need a holiday too. If our kids are happy, then so are we. We look for hotels that have the whole family in mind and whilst your kids are in safe hands, enjoy that spa break or chill with your favourite book.

Only the few that gets our seal of approval

Our reviewers

Famaway reviewers are parents whom we trust to test each hotel to ensure parents like them will enjoy a fantastic family friendly stay at a Famaway hotel.

Review process

Famaway reviewers will run a thorough assessment of the hotel to ensure if it meets the Famaway principles. Sadly not all nominated hotels make the cut but we do share areas for improvement.

Good news

If the hotel or resort meets the Famaway principles, one of our team members will get in touch to share the good news as well as explain next steps.

Content creation and go live

Famaway team will create the necessity content to tell the hotel or resorts story. This is at no cost to the hotel but we may get in touch if any further content or clarification is required.

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