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3 Amazing Theme Parks in Europe

What better way to make memories as a family than spending some time at an amusement park? Lets be honest, adults enjoy them just as much as the kids do – if not more! With thousands of options worldwide, the possibilities are endless. Below, you’ll find our top 3 bucket list theme parks from around Europe.

PortAventura World Spain

First on the list, PortAventura World in Spain. This mega park is three theme parks in one! I’ve broken them down for you below.

  • PortAventura Park

The first park, PortAventura Park, is the main park offering more than 40 rides for visitors to enjoy. It is divided into 6 world themed lands (China, Mexico, Mediterrania, Polynesia, Sesame Street Adventure and Far West) each of which offer fun and education about that area of the world. There are rides for all ages to enjoy from the toddlers to the thrill seekers.

  • Ferrari Land

This 70,000 square meter park has rides dedicated to the legend of Ferrari. You’ll find everything from adventure rides to F1 simulators and even a racing circuit for some family friendly competition. You can also tour an interactive Ferrari gallery where you can learn all about their company history.

  • Caribe Aquatic Park

Lastly, you’ll find Caribe Aquatic Park as part of the PortAventura World experience. It is a 50,000 square meter Caribbean themed water park with thrill rides, wave pools and still pools for all ages. This area of the park is only open during the warm weather months.

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Efteling in the Netherlands

Efteling started in 1933 as a sports park and slowly evolved over the years to the enchanted wonderland it is today. It sits on 494 acres and is divided into 5 themed (or realm) parks. Each realm (Travel, Fairy, Adventure, Fantasy and Other) reflect the types of rides and discovery you will find there. The park is laced with Old World fairy tales and mystical happenings throughout. With rides for all ages, Efteling is one of the most whimsical, yet thrilling, amusement parks out there and that is why it made our bucket list of must experience amusement parks.

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Tivoli Gardens Denmark

Known as the world’s 2nd oldest operating theme park, Tivoli Gardens opened in August of 1843 and has been operating ever since. It is both an amusement park and pleasure garden allowing families to experience the thrill and adventure of rides but also soak in the beauty of nature with elegant floral displays. Tivoli Gardens has unique rides for riders of all ages including a vintage car parade where the little ones can drive their own vintage vehicle and (for the thrill seeker) the Aquila where the rider can have a 4G experience while viewing the world upside down. In addition to all the rides, you can experience an assortment of entertainment throughout the park with their many music, magic or light shows. With almost 5 million visitors last year, it’s no secret that Tivoli Gardens is a one of a kind experience.

There are so many amusement parks in the world, each with their own experience to give. Some offer an experience big enough that maybe it is worth crossing an ocean to get there. For us, these bucket list parks are those that would offer a one of a kind atmosphere to create the perfect family memories.

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