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Dubai’s favourite playground – the Atlantis the Palm

Looking for the perfect luxury family holiday but can’t decide where to go? Allow me to introduce you to one of the world’s most luxurious family getaway destinations: Atlantis, The Palm. The Palm is an impressive 4.9 million square foot resort and hotel located on the famous man-made Palm Islands in Dubai. Opened in September 2008, this 5 star ocean-themed luxury resort is the perfect retreat for any family. Taking careful consideration to families of all sizes and of all ages, The Palm truly offers an incredible experience for everyone.

The Hotel

Providing panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, Palm Island and the famous Dubai skyline it’s no wonder why Atlantis was given the award for the Best Island Hotel in the Middle East. As the biggest hotel on Palm Island with a staggering 1,539 rooms, you are  sure to find something to accommodate your family’s needs. The rooms are divided into 3 options: Guest Rooms, Club Suites and Signature Suites.

Guest Rooms – There are 2 choices of guest rooms, the Ocean Room and the Palm Room. One hosting an ocean view and the other a view of Palm Island. They are 45-47 square meters in size, the option of either a king bed or two queen beds, walk in shower with separate bath, a mini bar stocked with drinks and snacks and of course, free Wi-Fi.

Club Suites – The Club Suites have 3 different style suites to choose from ranging from 94-164 square meters, one or two option bedrooms and are fully furnished. Add in the access to the private lounge, a VIP team and a plethora of other perks and this is a luxurious holiday for the entire family to enjoy. For a full list of perks click here The Palm Club Suites Perks.

Signature Suites – Lastly, and most luxuriously, you will find the Signature Suites. There are 4 different layouts to choose from. How about the Underwater Suite? A 3 story suite with the bedroom and bathroom downstairs submerged under the Ambassador Lagoon that houses more than 65,000 fish and other marine life. With floor to ceiling windows you will enjoy the one of a kind underwater view. What about the most luxurious of all, the Royal Bridge Suite? A 924 square meter space with 3 bedrooms, each equipped with an en suite private bathroom. Panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and Palm Island, a team of private chefs and butlers. Talk about unmatched luxury. For a full list of suites and options click here The Palm Signature Suites.


With 21 fabulous restaurants on property, you are sure to find something pleasing for even the pickiest of eaters. In the company of four restaurants from some of the world’s top rated chefs (Giorgio Locatelli and Gordon Ramsay among them) you will discover world class restaurants from seafood, to burgers to buffets. Don’t miss out on the outdoor dining options that are available, day or night they’re sure to leave an impression.

Marine and Water Park

Visit the Lost Chambers area where you  can discover the myth of Atlantis in an unforgettably interactive way. Experience the Aquatheater shows, snorkeling, dives and even a Fish Tale Tour where you can learn about the legend of Atlantis and become familiar with the marine life as an expert walks you through the chambers with hands on displays.

The Palm holds the title of the “Best water park in Dubai”. With multiple awards won and record breaking rides and attractions, it’s no wonder why. For the thrill-seeker, how about taking the leap on an 89-foot vertical drop water slide known as “The Leap of Faith”? The water park includes private beaches, areas with sharks and stingrays to swim with, a specialized play are for the kids and an underwater experience like no other called Shark Safari. In the Shark Safari you will be immersed in the water with a uniquely designed helmet as you walk the underwater environment of Shark Lagoon.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium


Journey through the area know as The Lost Chambersand discover the myth and history of Atlantis. As you navigate the chambers you will be surrounded by over 65,000 marine animals in this massive aquarium. Dive into the ancient culture of Atlantis and gain a better understanding of their society, technology, architecture and how different artifacts were used to make their civilization functional and productive.  In the Navigation Room you will gain insight into their adventures and their unique ways of traveling. Learn about the men known as the Seven Sages and their impact on the society of Atlantis. Lastly, visit The Red Sage Chamber to see how the people of Atlantis examined the stars, created their calendar and studied the seasons.

Educational Programs for the Family

Atlantis offers a wide range of educational programs catering to families with children of all ages. Toddlers to teens, there is something engaging for everyone.

Aquaventure – Get in the water for some hands on learning with a marine life expert. You will enjoy hours of fun discovering aquatic animals and receiving some junior life guard training.

Dolphin Bay Educational Programs – Jump in the shallow water for some live interaction with everyone’s favorite marine mammal, the dolphin. Spend some quality time getting hugs and kisses from these beautiful creatures while observing their fun and energetic attitude.

Sea Lion Point – Take the family for a meet and greet with the adorable South African Fur Seals. Enjoy the interactive company with these cuties while you learn about the science and psychology that makes up this amazing creature.

The Lost Chambers –Be mystified as you learn all about marine life and conservation. Discover an array of underwater life from coral reefs to various habitats and the species that reside in them. With interactive shows and games to be played, this educational program is all about learning while having fun.

Spa & Fitness

After all the fun and exploring, mom and dad will need a break. Pamper yourself with some luxury at the ShuiQi Spa that offers a wide variety of menu items. How does yoga in the Aquatic Chambers while gazing at marine life sound for relaxing? Gain the ultimate stress relief by hitting the fitness center and soaking up the panoramic ocean views.

Kids & Teens

The Youngsters – Toddlers to preteens will love letting their imagination and creativity run wild in the Kids Club Play Zone. They will be free to run and play creating adventures and living out their wildest fantasies. The Play Zone also offers an artistic environment with activities such as arts & craft, origami, painting and even a create your own stuffed animal station.

Teens – Give the teenagers in your life a bit of freedom in The Zone. An area designed specifically with teens in mind. They can hang out in an atmosphere created just for them to meet new friends, dance and relax with an electric vibe.

Onsite Activities

Atlantis, The Palm really is a city on an island. With various activities and adventures to be had you will never be bored. Check out all the unique things they have to offer.

Diving– There are diving options for all ages. Certified or non certified, Atlantis caters to all.

Aquatrek – Put on a specially designed helmet that allows you to breathe under water as you walk along the bottom of the Lagoon and admire over 65,000 different marine animals.

Dolphin Scuba – Swim and interact with the playful water mammals in their environment.

Wavehouse – Opening in December of 2018 will be the Wavehouse. An entertainment area that will include food, fun and plenty of water activities.

Beaches and Pools – Relax by the water or join in on some volleyball at the various on site beaches and pools. Whether you’re looking for activity in the sand or the ultimate relaxation spot at the Royal Pool which over looks Dubai you will experience something memorable.

Night Clubs –There are 2 night clubs on property. Grab a drink, dance a little and enjoy the views of the city and the sea.

Water Sports – A plethora of water sports will keep everyone entertained and busy while creating lasting memories. Try out some kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing or a boat tour and enjoy your time on the water.

Helicopter Tours – Whether you’re looking for a quick 10 minute flight over beautiful Dubai or an hour long romantic experience there is a unique tour for your needs.

Luxury Shopping – Feeling like some Tiffany’s? Head on over to the shopping area and discover various luxury brands catering to your every desire.

Tips to Maximise Atlantis, The Palm

The Palm offers an on-site babysitting service. Take advantage of a night off with your significant other knowing that your children will be in great care.

Be sure to check out the Atlantis Partners page to ensure you don’t miss out on any extra membership reward points with various airlines and credit cards. For a full a list click here Atlantis Partner Offers.

Become an Atlantis Member for additional discounts and a wide range of perks.

Time saving tip: Make dinner reservations ahead of time. Less wait and more play.

Advice from the experts: Check out this bucket list put together by The Palm to see what they recommend as the top must do experiences Atlantis Bucket List

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